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Challenges and opportunities to integrate patients preferences into BPH management


The BPH management is changing in the last few years due to the technological advances in minimal invasive procedures and the new patient expectations.

Nowadays, to make a treatment decision for the treatment of BPH involves the patient preference and the need to adapt the treatment to the general conditions of the patient. The new evidence adds new tools to help the clinicians to make a proper treatment decision in this pathology. The main aim of this webinar is to show how integrate the preference of the patient in the treatment making-decision and how personalize this type of treatments in the next 5 years.

This activity is supported by an educational grant from a Pharmaceutical company, with no involvement in the programme or speaker selection.

The recordings are converted into online E-courses from the ESU school and are all accredited with 1 accreditation point. For more information about this online E-course, visit here.