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Welcome and Introduction by Prof. Philip E.V. Kerrebroeck at Nocturia Plenary Satellite Symposium, ICS 2015

Nocturia is a complex multi-aetiological disease, and it is essential that physicians offer accurate symptom assessment to provide effective diagnosis and prescribe treatments that meet the patient’s specific needs. The resulting sleep fragmentation can have profound and wide-ranging negative implications for a patient’s quality of life, self-esteem and daily functioning.

Prof. Kerrebroeck opens the Nocturia Plenary Satellite Symposium on how to improve the lives of patients with nocturia. He presents the speakers: Prof. Kevin Carlson, Prof. Karel Everaert and Prof. Donald Bliwise. The learning objectives of the symposium are: Untangle the diagnosis and treatment complexity of nocturia symptoms; Optimize clinician-patient conversation by asking the right questions; Manage the path to appropriate treatment tailored to the individual underlying causes of nocturia