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Lecture Nocturnal Enuresis


1. Charlotte van Herzeele, Effective treatment of enuresis results in improved neuropsychological functioning and sleep, presented by Elke De Bruyne
2. Hofmeester I, Brinker AE, Steffens MG, Feitz WFJ, Blanker MH, Functional bladder capacity assessment: Should we use frenqency volume charts or uroflowmetry? Presented by Ilse Hofmeester
3. Kwanjin Park, Jung Keun Lee, Young Jae Im, Ability to awaken can be improved with congrol of lower urinary tract symptoms in children with nonmonosymptomatic enuresis, Presented by Kwanjin Park
4. Onur Telli, Perviz Hajiyev, Seymur Kerimov, Baris Esen, Tarkan Soygur, Berk Burgu, Long-Term ourcome of nocturnal enuresis: Report of striking population with continuous unprescribed desmopressin (ab)use longer than 3 years for relapsing enuresis, presented by Baris Esen