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Prof. Serdar Tekgul reviews the Practical Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Enuresis


Even though the prevalence of enuresis is high, knowledge with regard to the evaluation and management of this condition is often insufficient. Therefore, a group of experts – among them Prof. Tekgul – compiled guidelines in order to help practitioners in paediatrics, urology and other fields to choose the optimal therapy for enuresis. In this video, Prof. Tekgul reviews the main points of this paper which was published in the European Journal of Pediatrics in 2012.

The guidelines include tools for evaluating enuresis: a clinical management tool, i.e. a checklist which helps practitioners to determine whether patients have monosymptomatic or non-monosymptomatic enuresis, as well as diary templates and flowcharts. The guidelines also present the various treatment options, including strategies and suggestions for patients with treatment-resistant enuresis.

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