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EAU22 recommendations

The 37th Annual EAU Congress (EAU22) will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 1-4 July 2022. 

EAU22 offers a more concentrated scientific programme than usual, with a full four-day congress. Our editorial board has selected some sessions and abstracts that they highly recommend:


Friday 1 July

Abstract Session 03: Infections – Bench to bedside

Abstract Session 07: Infections – Prophylaxis, treatment and complications


Saturday 2 July

Video Session 5: Functional urology: The full Monty


Sunday 3 July

Plenary session 06: Personalised surgical management of LUTS/BPO

Abstract Session 24: Insight in the overactive bladder and the bladder pain syndrome

Abstract Session 32: LUTS/BPH – Basic research and medical therapy

Abstract Session 45: Males LUTS, nocturia and NOUR: From evaluation to treatment

Thematic Session 07: Female stress urinary incontinence: Practical surgical management 


Monday 4 July

Best abstracts: Best EAU22 abstracts selected by the Scientific Committee