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Paediatric Urology


The Paediatric Urology Guidelines were first published in 2001. This 2019 publication includes a number of updated chapters and sections as detailed below.

Summary of changes
The literature for the complete document has been assessed and updated, wherever relevant. Key changes in the 2019 publication:

  • Section 3.5 – Hypospadias: Both the literature and the text have been updated;
  • Section 3.7 – Varicocele in children and adolescents: The summary of evidence table and the level of evidence in a recommendation have been updated following the outcome of a systematic review by the Panel;
  • Section 3.13 – Vesicoureteric reflux: Both the literature and text have been updated;
  • Section 3.14 – Urinary stone disease: The literature has been updated resulting in minor amendments to the text;
  • Section 3.16 – Disorders of sex development: The text has been revised extensively;
  • Section 3.17 – Posterior urethral valves: Both the literature and the text have been updated.